Training mode is a place where you can practise your skills against the Trainer to become a better player. After clicking training, a prompt will appear on what map you’d like to train on:


To change the map, click on the map image to get a Map prompt with a list of all Battle Mode stages. After this press OK to create the Training Mode as to your liking. 

After loading you will be in Training Mode. 

Training UI

The training UI will look similar to this:


In the bottom-left corner you have your player indicator, which has unlimited HP and SP as well as unlimited Transformation-Gauge. This allows you to practise with your Exocore without needing to fill your gauge or replenishing your SP. 

Unfortunately, you will only receive one Nanmu if you are a guardian, and one panic (two if you’re under level 15). 

On the top left will be your equipped scroll with all its Scroll Moves. When you complete a Scroll Move you will receive a check mark. To toggle this indicator on and off, press F5 on your keyboard. 

In Training Mode, there will be a Trainer that is an NPC and will help you use different techniques on him. There are various settings with the trainer shown below.

Trainer Settings

The default settings of the Trainer are to not move and not hit. 


So, to move the Trainer to a specific location, first go to your desired location with your character. Then press Ctrl+F5 to Recall the Trainer to your location, the trainer will then spawn where your character is. 


To change the Trainer’s settings press ESC to open a Settings Prompt similar to this:


The picture shown displays the default settings of the trainer. To toggle a setting press ENTER or RIGHT-DIRECTION on your keyboard. 


The first setting Movement, when toggled on, will make the Trainer move around as well as hit you. The Trainer has specific boundaries as a NPC but in most cases will move towards your character’s location and hit you with a punch/kick. 


The second setting Defending, when toggled on, will allow the Trainer to block your attacks. When it is the only setting turned on the Trainer will only block. When combined with Movement it will attack as well as defend. 

Breaking Fall

It’s greyed out because this causes World War 3. 

Recovery Attack

The third setting Recovery Attack, when toggled on, will allow the Trainer when knocked down to Recovery Kick or to Recovery Tackle. 

Initial Settings

This will just put all the option to its default settings.

End Training

Pressing this will cause you to leave Training Mode and return to the Lobby.


This will close the Options Menu, another way to do this is to press ESC.