Gender Male, Female
Price 1,000 RC
Default ExoCore Nagib's Head


Shamans have a deep connection with souls and spirits, giving them the ability to control nature. They have well-balanced strength, defense and speed, yet excel in neither.

Def shaman
When purchasing/choosing the Shaman class, the default avatar you will get is shown on the right. The male avatar comes with a shirt and pants where as the female avatar comes with a Top and shorts. Male and Female characters have unique default eyes. The only part of each default avatar that is obtainable in Shop is the Hair.


Shaman (M)

Male Shaman

Stat Value
HP 2730
SP 190
STR 18
ARM 24
SPD 21
JMP 21

Shaman Exclusive ScrollEdit


  • Dambe

Shaman Exclusive ExoCoresEdit


  • Devil Scythe

Redfox Credits

  • Destructive Staff
  • Dionaea
  • Dunia
  • Neo Beetle
  • Overlord
  • Raven
  • Relic of Phantomcore
  • Tannenbaum