When you press the Medals button on the menu bar, you will redirected to the following page:


The Medal Shop is a separate store that has items that are only purchase-able with Medals. The items in the Medal Shop are all boss mode attainable items. As you can see, the layout of the Medal Shop is very similar to the Store.  At the top left is the amount of Medals you have, and on the right is the Medal Shop catalogue. It contains armour from the following Adventure Modes:

  • Sanctum (normal, hard, hell)
  • Locke’s Refuge (normal, hard, hell)
  • Dragon’s Lair (normal, hard, hell)
  • Abandoned Mine (normal, hard, hell)
  • Vladimir’s Castle
    • Frankie Stage (normal, hard, hell)
    • Succubus Stage (normal, hard, hell)
    • Dark Vladimir Stage (normal, hard, hell)
  • D-H-13 (normal, hard, hell)
  • D-H-13 (normal, hard, hell)
  • D-H-SBASE (normal, hard, hell)
  • D-H-CORE (normal, hard, hell)

The above armour is only found in the following sections of shop:

  • Face (Hair)
  • Clothes
    • Top
    • Bottom
    • Gloves
    • Shoes
  • Accessories

Currently, there is only one (timed) Exocore available in the Medal Shop which is the Dark Maid exocore found in boxes from Vladimir Castle adventure.


And one inventory item, Machine Gun. All the rest of the subsections of medal shop are empty. 

Unfortunatly, unlike the Store you must buy each item seperately as there is a collective Buy button here. All other function of the Store are still active here. 

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