Rumble Fighters basic game controls.

Movement, Attacking and DefendingEdit

In rumble fighter movement is basic.These can be changed in options but is defaulted with arrow keys

In rumble fighter there are scrolls that control your attack. They split the moves into punches and kicks. These buttons can be changed in the option, but is default with X and C. Gaurd default is Z.

In rumble fighter each character gets a jump and double jump which is defaulted by Space.

Special Movements and AttacksEdit

There are items, scrolls, and some special button combos that allow you to use special abilities. By pressing the A or S button you can use the Transformation which is determined by what you choose as your transformation all characters have a default. when in transform you can use special skills of that form by pressing V or B. These skills consume SP.

There is a skill called Namue that is used when you reach lv 15 and do survival successfully 3 times in a row. To activate press V then continue using the PUNCH key.

Counter is a deflection of an atack which must be timed correctly to work. To do a counter press KICK and GAURD simutaniously (same time).

Throws are attacks that effect gaurding characters and those that are not moving. Your character must be faced toward your opponent and your opponent must face you in order to throw successfully. However some scrolls have throws that can be used from the side or even the back of an opponent.