Commands that can be done as a shortcut for a feature or to perform various Emotes. Some can only be done in the lobby or in-game.


  • PrtScn - Takes a screenshot of the game and places it into the Screen Shot folder located at C:\PlayRedFox\Rumble Fighter\Screen Shot on your computer

Message Box Edit

  • /w UserName Message - Username must be typed exactly. Case sensitive. Sends a private message to typed user
  • /off - Turns off chat. Unable to see messages or private messages from other players. Cannot chat or send private messages. Does not block lobby chat or megaphone messages.
  • /shout Message - Sends a public message through the megaphone.

Room Exclusive Edit

  • F5 - Readies your character or starts the game if you are the Room Master.
  • /p2pwjdqhqhrl - View ping of everyone in the room

In-Game Exclusive Edit

  • F5 - Shows the combos to the equipped scroll or activated ExoCore.
  • PageUp - Removes all text, player indicators and player gauges to show only the game
  • Insert - Show the value of each hit you make/recieve

Macros Edit

Everyone starts off with 7 default macros which are customizable in Settings.

  • F1 -
  • F2 -
  • F3 -
  • F4 -
  • F6 -
  • F7 -
  • F8 -

Fun Fact Edit

Before a UI update in July 2016 there were 4 buttons at the top of the All Rooms lobby. Players were able to click them or use a hotkey to be automatically placed in that type of room.

Old Lobby Exclusive Hotkeys Edit

  • F1 - Joins a random Battle Single room.
  • F2 - Joins a random Battle Team room.
  • F3 - Joins a random Rumble Single or Adventure Mode room.
  • F4 - Joins a random Rumble Team room.
If no room was found it was automatically created for you with the maps set as random.
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